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Cycling in Croydon

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Checklist for bicycle-friendly cities

from "Cycling in Cities" by the European Federation for Transport and Environment

  • The design of Bicycle facilities follows the rules and principles of vehicle traffic (direct left turns, no two-way Bicycle traffic on one side of the road).
  • If space is reserved for cyclists it is taken from the roadway.
  • The whole network of streets is kept open and usable for cyclists.
  • As a general rule, cyclists are exempt from hindrances and restrictions specially meant far motorised traffic (no entry, no right or left turn, one-way traffic...).
  • Bridges and underpasses which are not intended for motorised traffic are designed for safe and comfortable use By both pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The design of speed humps provides comfortable passage for cyclists.
  • The ways of cyclists are kept clean and well maintained especially in winter.
  • Bicycle stands in front of shops and public Buildings show cyclists that they are welcome as customers. Railway stations are equipped with covered bicycle stands.
  • The image of cycling is improved through public relations campaigns and people are encouraged to use the Bicycle as a means of transport.

Last updated 04 December 2000