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Cycling: Transport for Croydon

The life-blood of a place is its people. Buildings and green spaces count for nothing without people in the picture. We want Croydon to be a place that puts people first.

tramtracks.jpg (10152 bytes)That means tackling Croydon’s biggest environmental problem - the proliferation of private motor vehicles. It is not possible for large numbers of cars and people to share the same space. If our streets are to be places for driving and parking no-one will want to go there. Shopping is a miserable experience if you have to dash across the road dodging the cars. No-one wants to walk or cycle if they fear for their safety.

Croydon is a busy place. People need to travel, but most people can move easily and efficiently under their own power. Walking and cycling are cheap, quick, quiet and clean. People-power: you go where you like, when you like, for as long as you like. Facilitate walking and cycling and you give virtually everyone the freedom of the borough.

Croydon can change. Look at North End, count the people, hear the voices. The challenge is to extend spaces like these, to create a safe, attractive environment. A place fit for people.

The Way Forward

Everyone who walks or cycles is doing Croydon an enormous favour. Every cyclist is one less car, one less parking space, less noise, a few less lungfulls of fumes. Bicycles are good for Croydon and they must be the central part of it’s transport plans.

Cycling - good for you, good for Croydon