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  Croydon Tramline Accidents

The LCC and CTC are jointly compiling a list of cyclists injured by catching their wheels in the tramlines. We’ve heard of 12 so far, but 7 of these were reported by witnesses, so we only know who the other five are.

Would anybody else who has been injured, or is injured in the future please phone us on 020 8668 3549 or 020 8668 2811. We are particularly interested to know such things as where the injuries occurred, whether the road was wet, and whether there was intimidation by drivers following too closely overtaking recklessly.

It is important that these incidents are reported to the police. If this is done within 30 days, they should be included in the statistics. This is a government requirement, so if the police say they don’t want to know, ask the officer’s name and tell us.

Statistics are the basis on which remedial action is taken, so if there are no reports, the council can pretend that these injuries don’t happen, and take no action. One of their officers has already described them as “theoretical.”

Colin Howes

wellesley_road.jpg (54411 bytes)

The Wellesley Road cycle accident black spot - before and after...

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