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What prat thought this was a good idea?Just look at the picture on the right! For years Croydon Council has been making road conditions worse for cyclists. The council simply does not understand that the area's traffic problems are caused by the large amount of money they have wasted on increasing the amount and speed of traffic on Croydon's road network.

Even worse, they have treated cycling as a bolt on extra to a road network designed for speeding motorists. They seem to think that badly designed cycle lanes somehow make people cycle, despite the fact that they actually push cyclists into the gutter and make motorists drive even faster now the bicycles are supposed to get out of the way!

Now's the time to change all that:-

  • Join London Cycling Campaign - you'll get free third party insurance, the magazine London Cyclist and a local newsletter, discounts in local bike shops.
  • Write to your local councillor and ask for a 20mph speed limit on the streets of Croydon and proper enforcement of speed limits not just white paint on the roads and pavements.
  • Write to your MP and London assembly member and complain about the dreadful quality of cycling provision in Croydon.
  • and write to your local newspapers - keep the subject of cycling in the news.

Cycling - good for you, good for Croydon