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Local Authorities across England are having to produce Draft Local Transport Plans. As part of the process they MUST consult on their plans.

See Don Mathew's contributions to the CTC's Cycle Digest and the CTC's CT&C magazine for the latest updates

When the draft LTP was published in Bristol we found a number of serious errors in the consultation document. These errors included:-

  • Underestimating the proportion of journeys on foot in the city by at least 200%!

  • Taking the wrong targets out of the Draft Cycling Strategy.

  • Failing to tackle the discrimination in transport infrastructure. Currently women, children and the elderly are denied access to an effective transport system in the city.

  • Failing to take account of the air pollution and danger from motor vehicles other than cars, e.g. motorcycles and buses.

cover.jpg (15744 bytes)Bristol Cycling Campaign produced an extensive reply, which although aimed at Bristol contains a large amount of general information and national statistics which other groups may find useful. The final council document appears to have used our new figures on walking without checking!

Please feel free to use as much of it as you like, though a credit would be appreciated. The file is in Word 6 format and includes references to all the source material.