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This web site is an attempt to bring together cycle campaign information to make it accessible to organisations and individuals interested in promoting cycling.

closed.jpg (9051 bytes)It is part of a larger web site with lots of information on cycling, including special areas on getting your employer to be more cycle friendly with things like decent cycle parking, a section which brings together on-line information for cyclists and potential cyclists.  

The recent, so called, fuel crisis has given a great boost to cycling, along with all the Olympic medals won by Britain's cyclists. Employers all over the country are discovering that employees who arrive by bicycle are far more reliable than car and motorbike based commuters, many of whom skived off work with the excuse that they didn't have any petrol, and now that Railtrack have been caught out by their lack of track maintenance commuting by train has become quite dreadful. 

ccraftc.gif (53495 bytes)So join your local cycle campaign group for help, advice, rides and local newsletters on cycling in your area. Membership includes free third party insurance and other benefits like discounts at local shops.

Don't forget, cycling is safer than walking, and in places like London is far quicker than the car, train, bus or tube. You don't need lots of expensive equipment, just a well maintained bike with good lights, and don't be frightened into buying a helmet, you are better off learning good cycling skills. Remember, the roads are the best and safest cycle network. Most cycle facilities are designed by people who haven't a clue, and bad cycle facilities are often dangerous. So stay off the pavement, ride well out from the kerb, and enjoy the true freedom of the road on tax free fuel.